Ami Hamazaki (浜咲亜美, Hamazaki Ami) is an actress in an upcoming television series.


Ayame has short, dark-colored hair that goes slightly past her chin. She is seen wearing a floral kimono with a flower pinned into her hair on the right side of her head.


Hamazaki participates in the sixtieth NHN Kouhaku Singing Contest New Year's Show as a cheerleader for the Red Team. Kiyomi Takada briefly interviews her, introducing her as an actress playing the role of Oryou in NHN's period drama Ryoma Sakamoto, which will be premiering the following year.

Apparently, Hamazaki will be working on the show with famous actor Hideki Ryuga, who will be playing the role of her boyfriend, Ryouma. Hamazaki jokingly refers to him as "Ryouma-sama" when he introduces himself, which was her job.



A woman appearing in the anime who appears to be Hamazaki.

  • A woman bearing a resemblance to Ami is seen in the anime, though she does not speak.
  • Her name is likely a reference to the popular real-life singer Ayumi Hamasaki.