CAFEEL is a coffee shop located in the underground section of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan.


Yonegoro Nusumi was working at Shop CAFEEL when he is killed by Kira. At 3:03 PM on December 27, 2003, as Nusumi is sweeping the floors, Light Yagami tells Raye Penber that he will kill Nusumi to prove that he is Kira. Nusumi dies of a heart attack at the entrance to the shop two minutes later. Light explains to Penber that Nusumi was accused of raping multiple women but he was not convicted due to a lack of evidence. This act convinces Penber of Kira's identity, so Penber follows Kira's instructions, leading to the deaths of the twelve FBI agents.[1]

While investigating the circumstances of Penber's death, Naomi Misora passes by CAFEEL. She notes that four people died near Shinjuku Station that day, indicating that she knew of Nusumi's death at CAFEEL.[2]


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