"Change the World", alternatively "If Possible", is a song in Death Note: The Musical.

It is the only song in the musical to not feature at all on the Death Note: The Musical Original Soundtrack.


When Light Yagami first finds the Death Note, this song begins. Light reads the instructions and thinks it's a joke, but when when a newscaster announces that the criminal Kurou Otoharada has taken hostages at a kindergarten, Light writes down his name. Light sings to the Death Note itself, asking it to give him the power to enact justice if it's possible to do so. Otoharada's death is announced after the song ends. Light is horrified, which leads directly into the song Death Note.

The song is reprised after Light kills Haley Belle and the FBI agents, showing that Kira doesn't just target criminals. The Task Force must face the decision of whether or not to stay on the case despite the risk, and they perform this song, thinking of the family they would leave behind. At the end of the song, one of the five members leaves.

English versionEdit

The song was originally written in English, but an English-language version has not been released. The original English title of the song is "Change the World".[1]

Japanese versionEdit

The Japanese version of the song is titled "Dekiru Mono Nara" (できるものなら), which translates as "If Possible", "If You Can", or "If I Could".


  • According to the official song list provided by Ivan Menchell,[1] the song was intended to be reprised a second time in Act 2 between Mortals and Fools and Stalemate. However, this second reprise was not part of the production.



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