This page is for the novel. For the film, see Death Note: Light Up the NEW World.

Death Note: Light Up the NEW World Film Novelization (映画ノベライズ デスノート Light up the NEW world, Eiga Noberaizu Desu Nooto Light up the NEW world) is a Japanese novel based on the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. The novel is written by Masatoshi Kusakabe, based on the film screenplay by Katsunari Mano.

The novel was released five days before the film premiered in Japan.

Overview Edit

The novel mostly follows the film, but it notably expands on some areas that the film does not cover. Alexey Ivanov's shinigami is revealed as being Sidoh, Kenichi Mikuriya's shinigami is revealed to be Eve, and Roger Irving's shinigami is revealed to be a large silent shinigami whose name even Yuki Shien does not know. Shien also interacts with the shinigami more in the novelization. Scenes are also expanded, such as Sakura Aoi's conversation with Bepo before her murder spree.

The first few pages of the novel feature images from the film including Tsukuru Mishima, the new Task Force, Ryuk, Ryuzaki, Arma, Yuki Shien, and Misa Amane.

A character introduction section gives the names and short summaries of the main characters including Mishima, Ryuzaki, Shien, Misa, and Ryuk.

The staff and cast sections are for the staff and cast of the film.

Full contents list Edit

  • Film images - 001
  • Title page - 005
  • Contents - 006
  • Character introduction - 007
  • Film info - 008
  • Prologue - 009
  • Chapter 1 - 023
    • Part 1 - 024
    • Part 2 - 032
    • Part 3 - 049
  • Chapter 2 - 069
    • Part 1 - 070
    • Part 2 - 084
    • Part 3 - 106
    • Part 4 - 113
    • Part 5 - 124
  • Chapter 3 - 139
    • Part 1 - 140
    • Part 2 - 160
    • Part 3 - 178
    • Part 4 - 188
  • Epilogue - 209
  • Staff - 226
  • Cast - 227
  • Book info - 228

Plot Edit

The prologue begins with Shinigami King's desire for another Kira and the six new Death Notes falling to the Human World. Alexey Ivanov picks up one of the notebooks and meets Sidoh. Roger Irving picks up another notebook. Yuki Shien is also introduced but not by name, instead referred to as the man in a white coat.

Chapter one part one introduces Sakura Aoi and her shinigami Bepo and follows Sakura's murder spree.

Navigation Edit

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