Death Note Bunko Edition (DEATH NOTE 文庫版, Death Note Bunko Han) is a republication of the Death Note manga series in a seven-volume set. The original twelve volumes were published by Shueisha under their Jump Comics label, while these volumes are under their Bunko label. It is only available in Japanese.

The set was released in 2014 in celebration of the series' 10-year anniversary.

Each volume came with a unique card called a Kira Card. Together, the cards form a full image.

List of volumesEdit

Volume Title Released Pages Chapters ISBN-13
DEATH NOTE 1 March 18, 2014 336 001-011 978-4-08-619486-0
DEATH NOTE 2 March 18, 2014 344 012- 978-4-08-619487-7
DEATH NOTE 3 April 18, 2014 352 978-4-08-619488-4
DEATH NOTE 4 May 16, 2014 368 L: One Day 978-4-08-619489-1
DEATH NOTE 5 June 18, 2014 352 L: The Wammy's House 978-4-08-619490-7
DEATH NOTE 6 July 18, 2014 352 978-4-08-619491-4
DEATH NOTE 7 August 19, 2014 352 -108 978-4-08-619492-1

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