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Near 21 years old
Death Note One-Shot Special
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The Death Note One-Shot Special is a Death Note chapter that was serialized in volume 11 of Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2008. It explains what happens in the series three years after the Kira case is resolved.


Near as the third L

Near as a young man in the Jump Square poster.

Near is shown as the new L—the third chronologically. A new Kira emerges who had gained a Death Note from the Shinigami (Midora in Viz's translation of Death Note 13: How to Read), who had received the additional Death Note from the Shinigami King by bribing him thirteen apples she had taken from the Human world. The new Kira murdered elderly people in Japan to "relieve their pain." When Near's SPK subordinates asked him why he wasn't taking any action, he replied that he was trying to think what the previous L would have done.

The flashback of L communication to the children at Wammy's House is shown again, when Near says that he has only heard L once. This is also where L admits that figuring out difficult cases is his hobby, and not justice at all. Near also says that he had come to admire L later on in his life. Near finally reaches a conclusion that the prevailing Kira was just a killer without a purpose, and he labeled the killer as "C-Kira" for "Cheap Kira". He announces on national television, under the alias of "L", that he was not interested in the case and that he had deduced that this Kira was not the real one but only an "abominable murderer". This resulted in C-Kira writing his own name in the Death Note.


  • Throughout this 44-page manga chapter, the identity of the new Kira is not revealed.
  • Near is much older and resembles L a bit more.
  • The chapter has not been re-released in Japanese, and it has not been officially translated into any other language.
  • The chapter was released as part of the hype for the L: Change the WorLd film that came out that same month. The movie was advertised on the WSJ cover next to the mention of the chapter along with a picture of L. The movie was again advertised at the top of the color page of Near. Three full-color pages about the movie were also inserted between the color page of Near and the rest of the chapter.
  • As more hype for the movie, the magazine Jump Square featured a cover page of L and a poster of Near in its 2008 February issue. The poster of Near (cropped image shown right) is commonly mistaken to be part of the One-Shot.

Chapter GuideEdit

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