Death Note VR Escape Game is a virtual reality game based on the Death Note series. The player acts as Misa Amane, who works with Rem to escape a basement that is flooding.

Game premiseEdit

Official description:[1]

Enter the thrilling world of Death Note with the Death Note VR Escape Game! In this game, you take up the role of Misa Amane, who has been imprisoned in a creepy basement.
What’s more, the basement is quickly filling up with water! Will you be able to escape on time, or will you face a bad ending?


The game is being featured at two events in July 2017, and it will be available to attendees to play.[2] The game will be featured alongside other Japanese virtual reality games including One Piece Cube, JUMP Cube, JUMP Art Gallery, and Hop Step Sing![3]

The first exhibit is at Anime Expo as part of their Japan Character VR Matsuri event, located in Los Angeles, California, July 1st-4th.[4] The second is the Hyper Japan Festival, located in London, UK, July 14th-16th.[1][5]

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