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Soichiro makes decision
The Decision
Chapter Information
Published (Japanese)
September 2, 2005
Published (English)
November 7, 2006
Chapter Guide
Number Two

But in the end, it’s your decision, Dad.

Light Yagami

Decision (決定, Kettei) is the sixty-second chapter of the Death Note manga series.


The kidnappers had warned Soichiro against making a move and rescuing Sayu, or else, they would kill Sayu. Soichiro unwillingly gives the order to send word to the police department until Light convinces them that Kira was likely the one who killed the director. He has probably infiltrated the police force once again, and if word gets out that they will exchange the notebook for Sayu, Kira might kill them all.

Back in his apartment, Light thinks about his next move. Kira has now gained two enemies: the kidnappers and the FBI. They both want the Death Note, and Light will do whatever it takes to keep them from gaining ownership. A SPK task force member tells Near that the Japanese NPA director has been killed. They assume that it was the kidnapper's doing, but they don't count out the possibility that it could have been Kira. Near comments that if it was Kira, it would substantially narrow down his lists of suspects. He shows his commander, Rester, a picture of Mello and asks if he has tracked him down. Rester answers that it seemed that he just vanished into thin air four years ago, and Near wonders if he's involved in the kidnapping. The kidnappers once again call the investigation team. They demand that Soichiro make the exchange by himself in L.A. in two more days. They tell the investigators that they're very well aware of the fact that if the exchange for the notebook was announced to the public, Sayu will be killed by Kira. After receiving proof that Sayu was still alive, Soichiro announces that he will definitely go to L.A. and exchange the notebook.


Ohba said the chapter's title "Decision" refers to many different decisions made by Soichiro. The decisions were his decision to go to Los Angeles, as well as his announcement stating that he will be the one to make all of the decisions, and finally his intention to take responsibility for his decisions.

Chapter GuideEdit

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