Everybody is the tenth and final chapter of volume eleven and the ninety-eighth chapter of the Death Note manga series.



Near wants all members of the SPK and all members of the Kira investigation team to meet face-to-face. He says because he is going to need witnesses to report on what goes on in the meeting. He will bring Mogi along, but release Misa before making their way over there.

The second condition is to meet in a place where they could be completely isolated. Near suggests an abandoned warehouse called "Yellow Box Warehouse" where there is only one entrance. Both sides can go check for any spying devices. They are also not allowed to bring any electronic devices, like cell phones that can take pictures.

The third condition is to have a member, other than L, bring the Death Note to the meeting. Near explains that it's for precaution, in case it gets stolen at their headquarters. He promises not to steal it or touch it, as long as Aizawa confirms that it is indeed the notebook.

They decided on a date for the meeting — January 28th at 1:00 p.m.

After Light hangs up, he goes over to the hotel to meet with Takada. Aizawa is sure that he is going to tell Takada the time and location of his meeting with Near. He wonders why didn't Near list as one of his conditions that Light must not meet Takada before the meeting. He figures it must be part of Near's plan.

Sure enough, Light writes to Takada the date, time, and location of the meeting.

The next day, Takada is getting out of her car, surrounded by her bodyguards. Out of nowhere, Matt drives up in a car and shoots at Takada. He misses and then drives away, prompting Takada's bodyguards to follow him. Among the chaos, a man in a motorcycle offers Halle Linder to take Takada to safety. Lidner realizes that this man is Mello. Takada gets on Mello's motorcycle, and they speed away. However, Mello makes a little detour and takes Takada somewhere her bodyguards can't reach her. He handcuffs himself to her.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Everybody" was given because all of the key characters had been assembled for the final conflict. One of the conditions of the planned meeting between two of the factions is that all of the members of both sides have to appear. Also, Mello re-appears, so all of the key characters then had been assembled together.