Featured Media is displayed on the Main Page and currently includes a Featured Article and Featured Video. We will be adding a featured quote section.

The featured article and featured quote can be voted on by everyone and here's how:

  1. Anyone with a Wikia account that's logged in can suggest an article and/or quote to be featured in a poll.
  2. These suggestions will then be placed in a poll (one for pages and one for quotes) that anyone, regardless of whether or not they have an account, can vote in.

There are some qualifications that the suggested content must fit:

  1. An article must be free of overwhelming spelling mistakes. It should be placed in proper categories. If the article is still undergoing significant work or is largely still being written, it is not qualified. If it is a characters page it should have a character template (Human or Shinigami) that is filled with all available content.
  2. A quote does not have to come from a page on the wiki, but if it doesn't we need you to provide a source for it. This source cannot just be "manga" or "anime." You must give us a chapter and page number, or an episode number that we can check. Please do not use fan translations for your quote; if that is the case we will use the official translations from the published manga and English dub of the anime.

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