It's too dangerous to allow further action by Higuchi! Let's bring him in! I believe he has the same power as the second Kira. He is able to kill just by looking at someone's face. Please keep this in mind when you move in to arrest him!


Frenzy (狂騒, Kyousou) is the twenty-third episode in the Death Note anime series.


While driving to the Sakura TV station, Higuchi talks with Rem about his situation. L, Light, and Misa watch from the Investigation team building and wonder whom he is talking with. L wonders if Higuchi is "perhaps" talking to a Shinigami. Rem asks Higuchi to relinquish ownership of his Death Note to escape, but he says that will do no good. Rem then convinces Higuchi to go to the station but has her own motives for doing so. Higuchi enters the station's offices and writes Matsuda's fake name in his Death Note. The team thinks he has just written a note to himself, but after 40 seconds discover that this is odd as soon as Higuchi suddenly displays erratic behavior. L argues that he has attempted to use his killing method. Talking to Rem, Higuchi decides it would be best if he obtained the Shinigami Eyes. Grinning evilly, he gains them almost instantly, but is pulled over by a cop when Wedy, Mogi, and Aiber are still in pursuit. Light and L decide to go to the scene via a helicopter, while also tying Misa to a chair to prevent her escape.

Able to get the officer's name with the Eyes, Higuchi discreetly writes his name in the Death Note; he then flees, and the officer dies while in the middle of driving; this convinces L that Higuchi has the Second Kira's powers. Higuchi goes to Yotsuba, where he tries to get Matsuda's name from the security footage, but discovers the tapes switched. Soichiro, who is at Sakura TV, then switches out Matsuda and the interviewer with mannequins and plays a recording of the rest of the interview, while the other three arrive at the scene. Higuchi then arrives at the station, but discovers no one at the front or on the set. After realizing he has been set up with the mannequins, Higuchi is confronted by the Task Force members. They try to arrest him, but Higuchi non-critically shoots Soichiro in the arm and flees. A furious pursuit ensues when L gives the order that the police must act to apprehend him.

Higuchi drives like a maniac to get away from the Police, nudging through the heavy traffic. Higuchi finally finds an empty stretch of the freeway and speeds down it only to come across a Police roadblock. Higuchi stops in his tracks and does a 180 to find the Task Force and L's Helicopter in the other direction. Higuchi sees an opening by the helicopter and guns it but Watari who is on the helicopter, snipes Higuchi's front tire, sending him crashing into the embankment. Police cars block Higuchi in, who closes his eyes knowing he has been defeated. Finally out of options, Higuchi then draws his gun and attempts to shoot himself in the head but Watari snipes the revolver out his hand. Light declares that it is over, to which L agrees.

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