You are not Kira. That is, it will be a problem if you were Kira. Because... I feel you are the first friend that I've ever had.

L to Light Yagami

Friend (友達, Tomodachi) is the fourteenth episode of the Death Note anime series.


Light decides, while hugging Misa Amane, that he will arrange for her to meet L, use her eyes to find out his name, and then eliminate the Task Force from there. To gain her trust, Light lets Misa see Ryuk and asks that she not give him any nicknames when she attempts to. With the Task Force, L decides to go over them personally, then asks Kanzo Mogi to keep a tab on Light, in case he is Kira and is going to meet the other one.

After Misa tells Light and Ryuk how to kill a Shinigami, Light instructs her to make another tape claiming that he is no longer looking for Kira and now is going to follow his previous instructions and "spread power", to make the police think there are more than two Kiras, causing panic; also, if she gets caught, she must hide her Death Note so that there is no evidence that she did anything. Misa accepts on one condition: Light go on a date with her every week. Light says that that is impossible; L already suspects Light, and Light is on the Task Force, so they can't be seen in public together. Light will have to find a way so that Misa can spot L without him knowing and from there get the name, and will even have to "date" other girls to draw away suspicion. Misa objects to the dating, but Light threatens her to obey, diagnosing her with obsessive love for Kira, not Light, and that if she strays from him, he can write her name in either of the Death Notes. However, Rem threatens him if her safety is compromised in any way, she will write down his name in her own Death Note, and is perfectly fine if saving Misa's life means Rem will die, which leaves Light at a dead end, as now he'll have to protect Misa from all harm for the rest of her life. Light's mother then appears, saying Misa should go home since it's 11:30, so she does. However, without Light knowing, Misa tells Rem not to kill "her knight in shining armor". Light later goes online and discovers Misa is a famous model, hindering his ability to possibly kill her when he has no more need of her. He wakes up the next morning and tells his mom and Sayu not to talk about Misa to anyone, since she's a model and doesn't want publicity.

At school, it is shown that Light is going out with Kiyomi Takada, who demands more attention from him, to avoid suspicion, unaware of Mogi looking at them during class. In the meantime L is thrown off the trail by the second Kira and is left confused about the new audio tapes purposely denouncing the police's actions for making the first Kira appear as a pariah. L concludes that the two Kiras might have met and are working towards the same goal, since the second Kira should've come to the same conclusion to begin with. L also says that this puts more suspicion on Light, since the tape never mentioned that L appear on TV, and Light knows L's face. Light denies this, saying that if he were Kira, he'd already know L would try to escape the scenario. Soichiro immediately forbids Light from ever comparing himself to Kira, but Light apologizes and says he only wanted to keep him name clear. L says that that would be good if he weren't Kira - because Light is the first friend L has ever had. Light appears to try and take advantage of this, saying he notices a lot in common between them and misses him at school.

As Light heads home, he is suddenly tackled down by Misa despite a warning he gave to only see him after two weeks, in turn prompting him to want to slap a woman for the first time in his life. He reluctantly invites her to his house, which Mogi takes notice of. When they come into Light's room, Light questions Rem's loyalty to Misa, and Rem reveals she has a lesbian attraction to Misa, much to Ryuk's amusement. Light begins taunting Rem, showing her Misa's feelings are for Light alone. He then asks Misa to have Rem kill L, seeing a chain reaction in the feelings that could be disrupted if L caught one of them. To Light's shock, Rem accepts, since it won't kill her.

Rules LearnedEdit

  • How to Use: X #1 - "Suicide" is a valid cause of death. Basically, all humans are thought to possess the possibility to commit suicide. It is, therefore, not something "unbelievable to think of".
  • How to Use: X #2 - Whether the cause of the individual's death is either a suicide or accident, if the death leads to the death of more than the intended, the person will simply die of a heart attack. This is to ensure that other lives are not influenced.

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