Ginzo Kaneboshi (金欲銀造, Kaneboshi Ginzou) is the president of a large financial company, but he is also a loan shark.


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Ginzo as he appears in the manga.

Kaneboshi is a large man with small, dark-colored eyes and pointed ears. He is bald and has a small two-part mustache.

Character Edit

According to Kyosuke Higuchi, Kaneboshi often resorts to immoral methods in order to get money from his debtors. He seems to have bodyguards around him regularly, since Higuchi is confident that he can reach one immediately.

Plot Edit

Higuchi chooses Kaneboshi as a suitable criminal for Misa Amane to kill to prove that she's the second Kira. Misa pretends to kill him, but he is actually killed by Rem using the Death Note.

Higuchi then calls one of Kaneboshi's bodyguards to confirm. The bodyguard tells him that Kaneboshi just collapsed and he'll have to call him back before ending the call. This confirms to Higuchi that Misa is the second Kira.


  • In Viz's official English release, his name is spelled Ginzo Kaneboshi except once in Rem's thoughts when his given name is instead spelled Ginzou.