Glen Humphreys is a veteran member of the Mafia who works for Rod Ross.


Glen is a larger man with a bowl cut, large lips, and a broad nose. He wears a light-colored dress shirt and dark dress pants.


Little is known about Glen. He, along with Rashual Bid, formed the core of the Mafia organization.


Glen is introduced as a member of the Mafia helping to acquire a Death Note. Later, he is seen at the Mafia's hideout by satellite, confirming the hideout's location.

He is present later when Sidoh appears to retrieve his Death Note, which is in the hands of the Mafia at the time. Glen expresses concern about touching the notebook due to the fake rule stating that everyone who has touched the Death Note will die in the event that the Death Note is destroyed. He presumably touches it along with the rest of the Mafia members present and shoots Sidoh upon seeing him.

According to Death Note 13: How to Read, he is killed by the Death Note just prior to the police raid.

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