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Light feels door handle
Chapter Information
Published (Japanese)
July 2, 2004
Published (English)
November 8, 2005
Chapter Guide
Phone Call

If I'm deprived, I go into withdrawal… I twist my body up like a pretzel and do handstands.


Handstand (逆立ち, Sakadachi) is the sixteenth chapter of the Death Note manga series.


A shocked Soichiro Yagami asks what the probability of Kira being in one of those families is, and L answers five percent. Even though Soichiro believes this is out of line, he unwillingly allows L to thoroughly examine every inch of his house for the sake of the investigation. L wants the bugs and cameras to be placed for seven days.

Light goes back home from school and notices no one is home. He goes upstairs while L and Soichiro watch him through the surveillance cameras. Light enters his room and lies on his bed. Ryuk, meanwhile, is desperately trying to get his attention, but Light is ignoring him. Light puts on his coat and goes outside. He checks for bugs in the jacket before speaking to the frustrated Ryuk. Light tells Ryuk that he feels that there are bugs and cameras in his room because he checked his bedroom door handle. Whenever he leaves his room, Light always lowers the handle a little bit. When he comes back, if the door handle is still in the same position, everything is safe. However, the door handle is all the way up, which means that there was someone in that room.

Light gives Ryuk instructions to check for cameras in his room while he plays the part of Light Yagami, serious student and son of Soichiro Yagami.


Ohba said that the chapter title "Handstand" was the one that he had "the most fun coming up with" and one of his three most favorite chapter titles.

Chapter GuideEdit

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