Kanzo Mogi (模木完造, Mogi Kanzō) is a dedicated member of the Japanese Task Force. He is also one of the most reserved.


Mogi is a tall, broad man who sports spiky black hair. Like all members of the Task Force, he dresses formally in a suit and tie.


Mogi rarely speaks, even when someone presents an opinion he agrees with. He is shown to be an excellent actor, becoming an excited and cheery manager for Misa on demand and in seeming contradiction to his usual demeanor.


In the manga, he is originally ordered by L to investigate the Kitamura family and to pose as L, since the family members were under suspicion of being Kira. Mogi initially seems to serve as more of a field agent during early parts of the Kira investigation, not being present during most of the team's meetings in any of the various hotels they meet in. Mogi is seen meeting with the team more often when the investigation team moves to their new headquarters, where L acknowledges him as being an invaluable asset in intelligence gathering.


Takeshi Obata believes that Mogi's character design became incoherent because Obata had not planned for Mogi to become a main character. He apparently did not draw Mogi as a main character and did not expect him to last through the whole series.

Ohba believes that, if Mogi became the NPA chief by the end of the story, he would "lean toward L's side," with Near as L.

In other mediaEdit

Live-action filmsEdit


Mogi dies in the film

Although Mogi does not die in the manga or the anime, he dies in the film. He is killed by Misa early on in the second live action movie. This death is similar to the fate of Ukita in both the anime and manga.


In Death Note: The Musical, Mogi is a member of the Task Force. After the FBI agents are killed, the Task Force is given the option to resign and they sing Change the World Reprise about their choice. In the song, Mogi sings about having a daughter. He chooses to stay with the Task Force.

L has Mogi shadow Light Yagami. Knowing that he's being followed again, Light convinces Misa, who has the Shinigami Eyes, to give him the man's name. Light writes Mogi's name in his Death Note, having him die by suicide by throwing himself in front of a bus. Mogi's death leads L to believe that Light has met with the second Kira, and it leads Soichiro Yagami to realize that his son is most likely Kira.

Television dramaEdit

In the drama, Mogi's role is a lot more major. Prior to the series, he was once a family friend to the Yagamis, but he drifted apart from them as he had to work his life in the police force, working as a partner with Soichiro Yagami.

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