Ken Yadanaka (矢田中剣, Yadanaka Ken) is a criminal killed by Light Yagami as a part of an experiment to test the Death Note.


To test the capabilities of the Death Note, Light uses six criminals in prison as test subjects. As written in the Death Note, Yadanaka leaves a note before dying of a heart attack in his cell at 6:00pm. The note contains part of a coded message for L.

The Task Force and L learn about the deaths the next day, and the information is added into the NPA database which is accessible through Soichiro Yagami's account. Light is able to access the test results through his father's login the same day.

The information he gains from his test results allows Light to successfully manipulate Kiichiro Osoreda in order to get the name of the man who's been shadowing him.


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