Kenichi Mikuriya (御厨賢一, Mikuriya Ken'ichi) is a judge introduced in Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. He receives a notebook and acts as one of the new Death Note users in the film.


Mikuriya is an anti-Kira judge who targets outspoken Kira supporters. A stern, short-tempered man, he looks down on those who advocate for Kira.


In the film, Mikuriya murders numerous Kira supporters after reading their statements clamoring for Kira online. He kills Haruna Kiyokawa, a newscaster who openly supported Kira ten years before. He makes her give a message to Kira before her death, having her say that Kira can't have the notebooks.

Yuki Shien tracks him down in December 2016. Posing as a mail courier, he enters Mikuriya's office and hands him a package addressed to "Justice Mikuriya, Death Note Holder". Mikuriya opens it to find a page from a Death Note on which Mikuriya's suicide is written out. In a fit of rage, Mikuriya tears the page apart and throws the pieces back at Shien. The Death Note instructions then take effect and Mikuriya hands Shien his Death Note, takes a knife from Shien, and calmly leaves his office. As written, he gives a message to L's successor saying that Kira has eliminated three Death Note holders and it's now the fourth Death Note holder's turn, and that humans cannot defy god. He commits suicide by stabbing his own neck with the knife.

The film does not reveal his Shinigami, but in the novel, his Shinigami is revealed to be an original character named Eve (イーヴ).[1][2]

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