Kira's Kingdom is a television program produced by Sakura TV.


As Kira becomes more popular, Hitoshi Demegawa, director of Sakura TV, decides to create Kira's Kingdom, a program dedicated to Kira. Demegawa hosts the show, and while it begins as a program to discuss Kira, over time, it becomes more extreme, promoting Kira as a deity. Demegawa and his show at times are useful pawns for Light Yagami, as when the Japanese Task Force uses it to catch the Yotsuba Kira. During the Near/Mello arc, Light has Misa, an acquaintance of Demegawa's, tell Demegawa the location of the SPK headquarters. Demegawa and other Kira followers attack the headquarters, only to be distracted when money rains down from the building's upper stories. This reveals the true colors of Demegawa and the followers of Kira's Kingdom: they merely go wherever the money goes.

Demegawa later encourages donations from viewers, supposedly in order to build a monumental building in honor of Kira. Upon revealing the plan, Demegawa appoints several new members to his "church," claiming they are all representatives of Kira. When he begins making promises that Kira will reveal himself and come to reside in his kingdom, he quickly becomes a hindrance. Light has no intention of revealing himself, preferring Kira to be an unknown deity, not an actual person. Teru Mikami, sensing that this is not what Kira would want, kills Demegawa and the other members of the show on live television by his own initiative, permanently ending the show.

Upon Demegawa's death, many television programs rush at the opportunity, announcing that Kira should choose their program to represent him. Sakura TV is among these programs, apologizing and noting that Demegawa was a corrupt man, asking for forgiveness and hoping that Kira will continue to let them represent him. In the end, NHN is chosen to do so, and Kiyomi Takada is chosen as Kira's official representative.

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