Note: This page is about L's successor. You may be looking for the OVA Death Note Relight 2: L's Successors or the video game Death Note: Successor to L.

L's successor is the person who would succeed L if anything should happen to him.


L Symbol

The "L" that L uses to represent himself

"L" is known to all as the world's greatest detective, and his opinion is highly valued by world government officials. His status allows him to mobilize law enforcement whenever he needs them.

"L" remains hidden and communicates with the outside world via computer. He uses an electronic voice synthesizer to cover his voice, and his real name and appearance are currently unknown by the public.

Due to the dangers that come with being a world renowned detective, L's life is assumed to be at risk. If anything should happen to L, L's successor will assume the position as the greatest detective in the world.

Becoming a SuccessorEdit

Little is known about how one is chosen to be a successor, though it seems that L himself chooses. The child is assumed to be a resident at Wammy's House, an orphanage created by L's mentor, Quillish Wammy.

Near and MelloEdit


Front and Center: L. Left: Near. Right: Mello.

L has two successors, Near and Mello. It appears that they were chosen at a young age, with Near being thirteen and Mello close to fifteen when they were introduced into the story. Of the two children, only one was intended to gain the title of "L," but because of L's death, neither child was officially picked. After learning of L's death, Roger Ruvie proposed to the two that they work together. Near agreed, but Mello found it impossible to work with Near and gave Near the position as "L."

The Current "L"Edit

As shown in the manga one-shot taking place three years after the main storyline, Near remains the current L and solves cases under the L name.


The novel, Death Note: Another Note greatly expands on information regarding L's successors. Within the novel, two other potential successors are introduced: A and B. These two are referred to as the "first generation" of successors, having been chosen before Near and Mello. The first successor, A, is unable to cope with the pressure of having to succeed L and commits suicide. The second, B, becomes a serial killer and later dies of a mysterious heart attack while in prison, presumably by Light Yagami or another owner of a Death Note.

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