Light's watch is a watch that Light Yagami receives as a present from his father after entering university, and it serves an important plot device in the series.

Looking closely at the watch in the books, the watch that is shown is an OMEGA (r) Speed-Master Professional; however, in the anime, it resembles it slightly less. The same OMEGA watch is famous for being the first watch to be worn on the moon,[1] which has some relevance to Light's name in Kanji.[2]


When Light loses his memories by relinquishing his notebook, he plans to regain the ownership by killing its new owner. In order to do this, he cuts a piece of the Death Note and places it in a compartment that opens from the bottom of his watch. The compartment only reveals itself when he pulls the crown of his watch four times with less than a second in-between pull.

The watch helps him kill both Higuchi[3] and Takada[4]. In the final stand against Near, Light attempts to use a piece of the Death Note to kill the former, but his plan is thwarted by Matsuda.[5]


  • In the films, Light needs to pry the watch open in order to reveal the compartment.
  • In the novel L: Change the World, it is revealed that, following Light's death, L took his watch (which broke during their final confrontation), and kept it as a memento.
  • Although dying in different times relative to their continuity, it is interesting to note that in the manga, anime, and the films, Light kills Takada using a piece of the Death Note hidden in the watch.
  • Yuki Shien uses a similar watch in the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World, presumably in homage to Light.



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