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Matsushiro Nakaokaji (松代中岡, Nakaokaji Matsushiro) is a criminal killed by Light Yagami.


Nakaokaji committed six incidents of robbery and murder with a knife. He held a parlor and killed one man. He held a convenience store and killed two. He held up a karaoke bar and killed three. Nakaokaji, not apprehended, is suspected by the police to be hiding in the Tokyo area.

Light writes in his Death Note that Nakaokaji bleeds to death. He holds a convenience store in Tokyo with a knife, is stabbed in the stomach, and dies at 1:30 PM. When Light reads the newspaper the following day, he sees that the Death Note accurately kills him. A store employee had stabbed Nakaokaji to death as security cameras rolled. The picture depicting Nakaokaji's wound graces the newspaper that Light reads.

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