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Midora's second Death Note is the Death Note belonging to the Shinigami Midora that she tossed into the Human World.


Midora was fascinated by Ryuk's adventures in the human world with the human Light Yagami. So fascinated that she wishes to go into the human world herself and possess her own human.

Midora obtained this second Death Note by bribing the Shinigami King with human apples, a delicacy introduced to the Shinigami Realm by Ryuk. Midora dropped the Death Note into the human world and it landed in Japan (whether this is a coincidence or intentional is unknown). The Death Note was obtained by an unnamed human, gender and age unknown. This human assumed the role of Kira, committing mercy killings rather than killing criminals.

The Death Note user, known only as C-Kira, was later talked down by Near (now known as L), and wrote their own name in the Death Note. The ultimate fate of this Death Note thereafter is left unknown.