Miura (ミウラ, Miura) is a supporting protagonist of the Death Note pilot chapter.


Miura wears circular glasses and has bowl-cut hair. At school, he is seen wearing a typical school uniform, consisting of a white shirt with black pants and shoes. At home, he wears a striped t-shirt.


Miura finds a Death Note on the street and keeps it at his home. The next day, he discovers that two bullies from his class are dead. The bullies had harassed him, Taro Kagami, and many others. Two detectives, Inspector N-Suke Yamanaka and his subordinate Takagi, begin questioning students in Miura's class, including Miura himself.

The next day, Miura and other students in his class are surprised to find the bullies alive again. The same two detectives appear again and ask the students how they came back to life. Before the resurrected children can speak, Miura writes their names and the detectives' in his notebook, causing the deaths of all.

Later on, a discussion about the recent deaths is broadcast on live television. Taro Kagami and his ShinigamiRyuk, watch the debate. Suddenly, three of the four men in the debate drop dead from sudden heart attacks, much to Taro's surprise. This is when Ryuk reveals to Taro that he dropped another Death Note in the Human World and that someone must have found it.

Taro suddenly realizes who the second Death Note owner must be, and so he and Ryuk rush over to Miura's house, where Miura is about to write Taro's name in it, intending to write his own name down afterward. Taro tells Miura that it is not too late to fix things, stopping Miura and bringing back to life everyone who had died from the Death Note using the Death Eraser given to him by Ryuk.

Taro and Miura head to the police station and find the two detectives who had been investigating the mysterious deaths. The schoolboys reveal their actions to the two detectives and convince them of the Death Note's existence by writing down Taro's name and then resurrecting him with the Death Eraser. Fully convinced of the legitimacy of the Death Note, the detectives tell the children that they are forgiven and burn Miura's Death Note. However, as Taro never reveals his own Death Note to the detectives, he keeps possession of it.

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