Near's finger puppets were some of the various toys Near played with. They represented characters in the Death Note series. He uses all of these in his theories.


Tsugumi Ohba had said that the finger puppets used by Near in the final chapter did not exist in the thumbnails and that he felt the final scenes "looked cooler" with the presence of the puppets. Obata said that he felt he could express "negative" parts of Near with the puppets. Ohba added that one could see "his dark side in his kind of puppets he used." 


  • Takeshi Obata, artist of Death Note, said that Near first brought the Kira finger puppet and drew on it with a magic marker. Obata then said Near must have created the other puppets afterward. 
  • Obata sees that Near doesn't really like L so much (although he respects him, he doesn't really like him as a person), as Near says, "If you can't win the game, if you can't solve the puzzle, then you're just a loser." Referring to L as a loser, so Obata had Near depict L as ugly; however, Near worked hard on the Mello's puppet as Near liked Mello.

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