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Near's memo to Rester is a document written by Near listing the names and estimated prices of items he wishes Rester to purchase (all of which he us seen using throughout the series). Ryuk obtains this document while sneaking around the SPK headquarters.

Contents Edit

To: Commander Rester
Re: A list of the things I want you to source. Thank you in advance for your efforts* (I've included estimated prices. †)

Deck of cards ... $5

Matches (20 sets) ... $60

Dart set ... $121

Dice (3,600) ... $1,080

Plastic models ... $450

Plastic model-building tools (file, glue, etc.) ... $75

Block diorama ... $234

All types of monster & alien figures (12) ... $240

Train set (including automatic trains) ... $260

Tarot cards ... $250

Secret base set ... $150

All types of robots (5) ... $115

Die in a die ... $25

Finger puppet kit ... $30

Inflatable pool ... $23

Radio-controlled rubber duck (2) ... $98

Tower figurine ... $26

Paper for building towers ... $2

NHN shooting game set
(With block dolls) ... ¥9,980

Christmas tree ... ¥20,790

All types of Christmas presents
(game consoles, baseball game board, etc.) ... ¥58,800

Marble roller coaster ... ¥16,000

Mini New Year's pine decoration ... ¥5,250

Kagami mochi & mikan ... ¥5,000

Mask-building set ... ¥3,000


  • Item names are all Near's terms.

† Prices were all calculated by Near based on 2009 market averages in L.A. and Tokyo.

Trivia Edit

  • The toys Near had Rester buy in the U.S. add up to an estimated $3,244 (worth around £1,999.86 at the time), or ¥299,855.
  • The toys Near had Rester buy in Japan add up to an estimated ¥118,820 (worth around $1,285.46, or £792.46, at the time).
  • The cost of all these toys totals around an estimated $4,529.46 (worth around £2,792.32, or ¥418,675, at the time).

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