This is a list of official figurines and related toys for the Death Note manga and anime series'.

Nendoroid Edit


Funko Pop Edit

Four Death Note Funko Pop vinyl figures were released in 2017 in their "Pop! Animation" line. The release corresponds with Netflix's Death Note film, but the toys are based on the original character concepts.

Available characters:

  • Light, #216
  • Ryuk, #217
  • L, #218
  • L (With Cake), #219, Hot Topic exclusive

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Trexi Edit

Anime Trexi figures were released for Light, L, Misa, and Ryuk in 2015.[1] The figures are approximately 3 inches high.

Jun Planning Edit

Oniri Creations Edit

In 2017, Oniri Creations released plans for a 1/6 scale diorama statue of Light and Ryuk to be released in 2018.[4]

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References Edit

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