News broadcasting is a type of news media in which various news events and other information is broadcast via television, radio, or internet. While several forms of news broadcasting are used in the Death Note series, television broadcasting is the most prevalent, as well as the most significant.

Plot Edit

While various news networks cover the events involving Kira, Sakura TV, specifically Hitoshi Demegawa is the first to act as representatives of Kira, constantly portraying him in a positive Light.

When it is deemed that Sakura TV is representing Kira for selfish purposes, trying to make a profit, and even making false promises that Kira will one day appear, Teru Mikami, acting as Kira, kills of Hitoshi Demegawa and his "followers" on Sakura TV's new show, Kira's Kingdom.

Almost immediately after his death, many news networks begin clamoring for Kira's attention, asking him to let them represent him, and arguing that they are the best network to do so. Eventually NHN is chosen to represent Kira, Kiyomi Takada acting as the official spokesperson. When she later dies, news networks immediately line up once more, asking for Kira's approval to let them represent him.

News NetworksEdit

  • Sakura TV (さくらTV, lit. "Cherry blossom TV")
  • Taiyo TV (lit. "Sun TV")
  • NHN

News BroadcastersEdit

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