Pedoro Kollet (ペドロ·コラー, Pedoro Korā) is a member of the Mafia who, along with Eddie, is responsible for monitoring Kanichi Takimura.


Pedoro is a dark-skinned man with long, dark, braided hair. He wears a black suit in the manga and white suit in the anime.


Pedro dies

Pedoro dies of a heart attack, along with other Mafia members.

Pedoro and Eddie are in charge of interrogating Takimura, whom they are holding hostage. After Rod Ross and Mello leave the site, Pedoro and Eddie snap and strangle Takimura with his tie.

He and several members of the Mafia die of a heart attack when the Japanese Task Force invade the hideout.


DEATH NOTE - 29 - Large 19

Pedro's lifespan.

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