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Playing His Game
Playing His Game (English)
Into Him (ヤツの中へ, Yatsu no Naka he; Japanese)
Jack Murphy (English)
Ako Takahashi (Japanese)
Light Yagami & L
University students (dialogue)
3:18 (English/Japanese)

"Playing His Game" is a song in Death Note: The Musical.


While L and Light Yagami play their tennis match at Todai university, they sing this song about defeating each other.

Misa Amane runs into them after their match, but she's soon chased away by fans. After L leaves, Light tries to call Misa to get L's name. The song is briefly reprised as Light makes the phone call.

The studio recording versions for both the English demo and the Korean music video feature vocals for only L and Light. The productions include an ensemble of university students calling out the score and cheering, as well as sound effects for the tennis ball.

English versionEdit

The song was originally written in English. The English demo was recorded in December 2014 with Jeremy Jordan performing as Light and Jarrod Spector performing as L. The demo track was released online in 2015 by HoriPro as part of the advertisement for the Musical's Tokyo production. Below are the lyrics for the original English version.

English lyrics Edit

Time to rethink
And begin
With a brand new game plan
Margin for error is slim

He's on the brink
He could win
I can't use the same plan
Time to start thinking like him

[Light] What would I do if I got inside his head?
[L] Thought like him instead?
[Light] Could it be
[L] Possibly
[Light & L] I'll catch him when

[Light & L]
I look through his eyes
See what he sees
And then improvise
Until I can learn what puts him at ease

I'll walk in his shoes
As long as it takes
'Til deep in my bones
I'm sure he is
One and the same as the me who is playing his game

What does he do
Late at night
When the world is sleeping?
Does he see pixels, not dreams?

Hard to be true
Always right
All that promise keeping
Harder I'm sure than it seems

[Light] How would it be if I saw the world like him?
[L] Like a synonym?
[Light] Bit by bit
[L] Wit by wit
[Light & L] Catch him I win

[Light & L]
I'll mimic his will
And learn his routines
And feel the same thrill
Whenever my end is served by his means

I'll walk in his shoes
As long as it takes
'Til deep in my bones
I'm sure he is
One and the same as the me who is playing his game

I must be ever so careful
Don't move until you are ready
He will be careful too

Know it
Always stay calm and collected
Don't lose your cool or you'll blow it
Then he will unravel you

[Light & L]
Get into his head
And under his skin
The things that he said
The food that he likes, the places he's been

I'll look through his eyes
And see what he sees
'Til I see the forest, not just the trees

I'll mimic his will
And learn his routines
And feel the same thrill and know what it means

I'll walk in his shoes
As long as it takes
'Til deep in my bones
I'm sure I am
Winning my game while I'm saying
I'm playing his game

Japanese versionEdit

The Japanese version of the song is titled "Yatsu no Naka he" (ヤツの中へ), which translates as "Into Him" or "Inside of Him".

Two versions of the song from the 2015 Tokyo production were released on the Death Note: The Musical original soundtracks. One version has Kenji Urai performing as Light, the other version Hayato Kakizawa performing as Light, and both versions have Teppei Koike performing as L.

Japanese lyrics Edit

違うもっと深く踏み込んでこい さあ何が欲しい
キラが二人組めば殺せるんだろ さあ顔を見れば

焦り 怒り

打ち返すその力 この腕に伝わる膨れ上がる
肉体も何もかも 一つに繋がれて

もうミサの事は勘付いてるか さあ全て吐けよ

攻める様に見せかけて 守ってる
わかる 見える



受け止めて打ち返す 気がつけばお前は意識の中
皮膚の下潜り込み 同じ目で物を見る
止めてやるこの手で 息の根を

Reprise Japanese lyricsEdit

見たはずだ ミサの目が 奴の名を ついに勝利が

Korean versionEdit

In the 2015 Seoul production, Kim Junsu performed as L and Hong Kwang-Ho performed as Light, but an official recording was not released.

In 2016, for the new 2017 Seoul production, a music video of the song was released featuring Kim Junsu performing as L and Han Ji-Sang performing as Light.


  • In the Japanese production, L uses a blue tennis racket and Light uses a red one. This corresponds with the colors used to show the characters' inner thoughts in the Death Note anime series.


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