This page is for the high-school student in the original series. For the film character Ryo Nakagami, see Tsukuru Mishima.

Ryo (亮, Ryou) is one of Light Yagami's high school classmates.


Ryo has a short crop of brown hair. He wears a pair of black glasses and a long-sleeved green and black striped shirt with a white collar.


Ryo is a high school student who is bullied repeatedly by a student named Sudou and his friend, who extort money from him. Light temporarily considers killing Sudou for his poor treatment of Ryo, but decides against it, coming to the conclusion that he should not kill anyone close to him. Ryo is seen later in the chapter waiting for his mother to pick him up from school, shouting in frustration over the fact that she is late.

He is seen once more, but only in the manga, after the one-year time skip after Light's death. Ryo is seen throwing his books onto the ground, shouting in anger that his father hasn't come to see him.


  • "Damn it, why is my mom so useless?" (Rebirth)