Shin Kagami (加賀見 シン, Kagami Shin) is a member, and presumably founder of, NPO Blue Ship.



Kagami appears early on in the film, marveling over the small biotope he is in and picturing Blue Ship's plan to make the entire world stable like the biotope by releasing a virus they created. Upon seeing Daisuke Matoba, Kagami confronts him, saying that he is greedy and does not truly care about the cause, only interested in selling the virus as a weapon for a profit and that he is not needed.

In response to this, Matoba stabs him, mockingly saying that he is not needed. The other members of Blue Ship walk over to him, one, Hatsune Misawa, stepping on his body and saying, "We're all going to die anyway."


Blue Ship is full of Dr. Kagami's followers, who read his book, Alert Status Red: The Human Species and support the ideals he expresses in it. Kagami's plan is to create a deadly virus and release it upon the world in order to balance out the population and start a new world, one balanced like the biotope he stands in.

Kagami is seen again later on in the book, where he scolds Matoba for making offers to the European Union, Russia, the American establishment, the Middle East, and presumably others, to sell the virus. He claims that Matoba only wants the antidote so that he can increase the selling price of the virus. Kagami explains that it is this kind of greed that will bring the world to the brink of its end, and is exactly what they are trying to stop.

Matoba lets out a sigh and gestures to Hatsune, who approaches Dr. Kagami and tells him that he looks tired. Stabbing him in the heart with her stiletto knife, she suggests that he takes a nap, and Kagami drops dead.

Matobs explains to the members of Blue Ship that, unfortunately, it was inevitable, and that Kagami's doubt would have spread around the group and compromised their goal. Secretly, Matoba is pleased, viewing Kagami's death as a sacrifice needed in order to negatively reinforce the group.