Sho Nanase (七瀬聖, Nanase Shou) is a supporting character in the Death Note live-action film series, appearing in Death Note: New Generation and Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. She is a member of the Task Force.


Nanase is a young woman with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She dresses professionally.


In the first episode of the miniseries Death Note: New Generation, Nanase is a member of the Task Force when Tsukuru Mishima joins the team. When Mishima develops an obsession with the case, Nanase begins to refer to him as "Death Note otaku". When it appears that a criminal has died of a heart attack, suggesting a return of Kira, Mishima and Nanase investigate and Nanase questions some people close to the victim.

When a new Death Note user begins killing criminals as a new Kira, Nanase decides to stay on with the investigation.

In the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World, Nanase works with the Task Force to track down the six Death Notes that have newly fallen into the human world.

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