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"Stalemate", alternatively "A Game of Death", is a song in Death Note: The Musical.


Musical Korean 2017 Stalemate

Korean 2017 production

Since he suspects that Light Yagami is Kira, L enrolls at Todai to investigate Light further. They are both freshmen representatives at the entrance ceremony, where L reveals himself to Light. L and Light sing this song about defeating each other, and Misa Amane joins in as she's working on a way to find Kira.

The English demo has vocals for just L, Light, and Misa. The productions have additional dialogue from Ryuk and a University staff member.

English versionEdit

The song was originally written in English. The original English title of the song is "Stalemate".[1][2]

The English demo was recorded in December 2014 and released online in 2015 by HoriPro as part of the advertisement for the Musical's Tokyo production. Below are the lyrics for the original English version.

English lyricsEdit

Each time I challenge, he responds
He takes the bait as if he's taunting me
He waves a hundred magic wands
And soon a hundred men just cease to be
I haven't figured out just how
He doesn't kill them with a knife or gun
But if you ask me here and now
I'm pretty sure that Kira is your son

I wonder, is this guy for real?
I wonder, is he who he claims to be?
And if he is, then what's the deal?
Why would he make a point of telling me?

He doesn't rattle easily
He's such a calm and cool collected guy
And if he kills while he's with me
Like it or not, I am his alibi

[L and Light]
All or nothing, so let's get to it
This time's stalemate, but just you wait
Clock is ticking, so let's just do it
Let's begin, thick or thin, lose or win
This is it

His name is obviously a fake
So he inoculates himself from me
He's waiting for my first mistake
So I'll wait also, but more patiently

Just like two actors on a stage
Go through the motions that we both rehearsed
Our little new atomic age
Eyeball to eyeball, we'll see who blinks first

[L and Light]
All or nothing, so let's get to it
This time's stalemate, but just you wait
Clock is ticking, so let's just do it
No taboos, light the fuse, win or lose
This is it

I know you're gonna love my brand new song
It's full of private little hidden clues
So we can find each other in a crowd
And when we do, you know I'm yours to use
I feel like we were born for just one thing
I know we're gonna be a perfect fit
You'll be my heart and I will be your eyes
It's me and you forever
This is it

[L and Light]
All or nothing, so let's get to it
This time's stalemate, but just you wait
Clock is ticking so let's just do it

Let's begin

Light the fuse

Go all in

Win or lose

Lose or win

[L and Light]
This is it!

Japanese versionEdit

The Japanese title of the song is "A Game of Death" (死のゲーム, shi no gēmu).

Japanese lyricsEdit

(to be added)



  • Before the song title was confirmed, it was referred to by some fans as "This is It."



  1. English song title confirmed in a Facebook post by Frank Wildhorn. March 12, 2015.
  2. Ivan Menchell provided the song titles on Twitter. March 17, 2017.

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