Sudou (須藤, Sudou) is a bully and leader of his gang of misfit teens that attend Light Yagami's Gamou prep course.


Sudou has a short crop of unkempt black hair and brown eyes. He wears a black hoodie sweater.



Sudou and his friend bully another student for money

Sudou goes up to Ryo and starts harassing him for 2,000 yen to use for the arcade. While this goes on, Light considers killing Sudou, but then decides not to due to the fact that if it's someone so minor the cops may keep it a secret for a while, whereas he needs a result right away to prove whether or not the notebook of death he found actually works. Light quickly comes to the conclusion that testing the notebook out on Sudo wouldn't be worth it since Light personally knew him and therefore could be traced to him.