Suguru Shimura (紙村 英, Shimura Suguru) is one of the eight members of the Yotsuba Group.


Shimura has thick brown hair and brown eyes. He is normally seen wearing a suit.


Shimura is the Head of Personnel in Yotsuba. He is a very paranoid person and always keeps a close eye on others. Shimura's ability to pay attention to small details allowed him to join the meetings; he noticed subtle changes in Reiji Namikawa's face during his phone call with Light Yagami, who was pretending to be L. Death Note 13: How to Read states that he does not like his inclusion in the group meetings.

Shimura graduated from Kyodo University's law department and enjoys rugby, having at one point been offered a place in the national team. How to Read 13 also states that he dislikes gambling.


Shimura is an unwilling participant of the Meetings of Death. He is shown to have multiple concerns over L and Eraldo Coil that prove to be true, although none of the other members of the Yotsuba Group pay his suspicions much attention.

He eventually contacts Shingo Mido, desperate to put a stop to the Yotsuba Kira's plans. They hold a private meeting at Mido's house on the night of Higuchi's arrest, later joined by Namikawa, to discuss Kira's possible identity and possibly make plans to attempt to stop him, although they never take further action due to Higuchi's apprehension later that night.

A little over five months after L's death, he is killed by Light along with the other remaining Yotsuba Group members. In the anime, during a meeting, Namikawa comes up to him to shake hands with him about the rebirth of Yotsuba, but when Shimura attempts to shake hands, Namikawa falls on forwards. A surprised Shimura calls his name, but soon finds out that Namikawa has died in his arms. Shimura cries out in fright, but right at the moment he also gets a heart attack and dies holding Namikawa. The scene ends as Shimura and Namikawa's corpses collapse on the floor, also showing the dead bodies of the remaining members of the Yotsuba Group. In Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God, he is controlled and is run over by a train.

In other mediaEdit

In the 2015 television drama, Shimura is a quiet participant of the meetings and does not contact his fellow members to stop the meetings. He and the other seven Yotsuba Group members survive the series.