Raye Penber wrote all of those names on pages taken from the Death Note. Ironic. Without even realizing it, he was actually signing a death warrant for all of his colleagues. As for Penber's boss, he died of a heart attack after sending all of his agents a file. And the other eleven investigators, they all died of heart attacks after receiving the same file.

Light Yagami

Tactics (駆引, Kakehiki) is the fifth episode of the Death Note anime series.


After successfully getting information on the FBI agent, Light Yagami waits one week before he decides to kill Raye Penber, who briefly confides to Light that he is on a mission and wants Light to keep their meeting secret (to which Light obliges). Raye later comes home, convinced Light is not Kira.

It is on December 27 that Light enters a crowded underground shopping center with Ryuk at his side. Light's plan starts when he gets behind the agent and introduces himself as Kira. He then kills a man named Yonegoro Nusumi (who has a high sexual assault record but has been low on the radar), who is standing outside a shop close to where they are standing in order to prove to Penber that he really is Kira. After seeing that Penber follows Light's orders. Afterwards, Light gives Raye an envelope and walks off to board a train discretely. He has Raye get on the same train and forces him to write down all the other FBI agents' names on a portion of the Death Note. Half an hour later, Raye leaves the train after placing the envelope on a rack, but is struck with a heart attack regardless, only to briefly see Light, who curses him, causing him to realize he's Kira before dying.

With the murder of the 12 FBI agents in Japan, the Japanese police force begins to distrust L's motives while the fiancée of Raye Penber, a former FBI agent, begins to grieve and seek out Kira for revenge, already suspecting someone on the bus is Kira. The American President pulls the FBI out of the Kira case. the rest of the police, becoming even wearier, decide to pull out as well. Only six, not including L and Watari, soon remain, with one leaving later as well.

L's answer to the police's suspicions is that he trusts them enough to invite the team to his hotel room, telling them only to do so at midnight in pairs. Light ponders his next move, sure he has made a mistake. L ponders the latest message from a prisoner: "L, do you know Gods of death love apples?", cursing Kira due to having thought the message was more important. When Light's father, the chief, informs his family that he is the head of the Kira case, his wife and daughter are skeptical, but Light tells his father that he is proud of him, and that he will capture Kira if his dad dies. The final scene shows Chief Yagami and the others entering L's hotel room.

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