What was taking Light so long? Edit

In the ending of R1, we have the new scene of the task force attending L's funeral. (subs are provided in the description)

Here, Soichiro Yagami notes that they will continue the investigation with L's passing, acting as if he were alive. Who then would act as L in his place? Seeing as how Light speaks of "avenging" L and then mentioning his plan to take control over the police, it is clear that Light will take up the mantle of L.

Now, when we get to Relight 2, 4-5 years later, according to this clip it is apparent that Light has JUST been appointed L and is taking a while in setting up his equipment to properly emulate L.

Now I know what you're thinking and you may just respond "Well it could have been another task force member like Aizawa or Soichiro who took L's place before Light did in the 4-5 year timeskip" but if someone else was already acting as L what would be the need of Light introducing L's intricate way of communicating with the entire world? Had the role be simply passed to Light, you'd think Light wouldn't have to introduce anything new to Aizawa in that scene since everything would have been set up already.

Besides, the regular 37-episode anime and manga had already established Light as L's only successor aside from the Wammy kids. No one else in the task force could have been L's stand-in. Had Light and the task force simply taken a 4-5 year break from trying to catch Kira only to resume doing so in Relight 2? Why?

The Relight specials were full of goofs and errors, I know. Relight 2 cut so many scenes that if you hadn't watched the original anime, you would never know how Aizawa knew Near was really Near in the first place during the Yellow Box confrontation. But this goof should have been really blatant to the directors... heck maybe even the animators or voice actors should have asked just what was taking Light so long to replace L.

Maybe it was intentional? I'd like to think not... Terumikamilookalike 07:27, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

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