What do you think of her?Edit

I think she is a pretty girl, she looked very hot when she was in her 20's. (unsigned)

Nah, she looked better in junior high. Her personality was more appealing at that time too. 08:02, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

Possibly the new KiraEdit

What if there was a sequel and Sayu found out her own brother was kira and she would take his place.

She's probably the new Kira Edit

I wouldn't put it past her to be the new Kira. She could be decieving everyone like Light did and using a death note to commit crimes. In her mental state I think she would support her brother.

I think Sayu would be too traumatized by the facct that light was a mass murder and that light was responsible for his own death and her fathers death . she would actually probally commit suicide like misa did.

Beyond Lawliet Now a User! Beware the eyes and quirkyness! 23:03, March 8, 2011 (UTC)

Picture Edit

Could someone post the picture from chapter 97 that was mentioned on the page?

And btw I don't think she'd become the new Kira. Light was responsible for the death of her father, and for emotionally scarring her for life. I doubt I'd want to avenge my brother after he did something like that.

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