Soichiro's lifespan Edit

Please do not state that, since Soichiro Yagami made the eye deal an hour before his death, that he was going to die in two hours, or any other time like that. Point being, don't say he was supposed to die soon anyway.

On a Yahoo! Answers question, was wondering if this statement was true or not. My answer was votted the best answer. This is some of what I put down:

"...Everyone has an experation date. Say a human were to live 70 years. If that human is 50, and a shinigami writes down their name in a Death Note, then that shinigami will get the 20 extra years that human was supposed to live. Though there is also the aspect of free will. It's someone's own choice whether or not they want to commit suicide.

This can be proven if you think about it like this: Ryuk shouldn't have dropped his notebook. It never should've happened. If he'd kept it, Misa never would have met Light and fallen in love with him. Light wouldn't have been killed by Ryuk so that he could return to the shinigami relm. Misa commited suicide because someone (probably Matsuda) spilled the beans about Light's death. This caused her to spiral into depression and kill herself.

Mello would never have met Light's father if it wasn't for the Death Note, and so his father never would have died."

Mikazuki 22:53, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

Cameo in Full Metal Panic Edit

It was stated in the trivia (which actually should have gone in the "other media" section of the template) that Soichiro appeared with Light in some version of this series. We have proof that Light, Misa and L appeared together from a picture of a scene in the anime, as well as the anime episode itself. If you believe that Soichiro did, in fact, appear in the series, please specify which of the FMP series it was, what episode it was and give proof like the one given for Light, Misa and L. Mikazuki 22:59, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

Stats Edit

Someone put down Soichiro's intelligence in the anime. Where was this information aquired? The anime guidebook has not come out in English, and I've been unable to order even the Japanese version, so I find the authenticity of this information questionable. Whoever added this information, please site your source so that we can confirm that the information is credible.

StillAlive (talk) 23:50, October 6, 2013 (UTC)

something I thought was interestingEdit

Soichiro is the only character in the anime that survives a heart attack.

neat —Preceding unsigned comment added by KarpToEndAllKarps (talkcontribs)

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