Tasayoshi Yoda (世田多三吉, Yoda Tasayoshi) is a criminal killed by Light Yagami as a part of an experiment to test the Death Note.


Yoda has a short crop of dark-colored hair and wears a suit.


Light Yagami writes Yoda's name into the Death Note to test its effects. Light writes that Yoda will make it to a nearby restroom and collapse from cardiac arrest caused by the Death Note.

On December 19, Yoda walks into the prison's restroom and dies.

In other mediaEdit

Tobe's death scene

Tobe's scene of death in the film series

The character is renamed Tobe in the film series, but otherwise, the character and the circumstances of his death are the same. The character is not actually seen, but a photo shows his body's outline on the bathroom floor.

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