The Teito Hotel (or Imperial Hotel) is a hotel located in Japan.


When Kiyomi Takada becomes the new Kira spokesperson, Light Yagami informs the members of the Japanese Task Force that he used to date Takada when he attended To-Oh University. They use this as an advantage to learn information on Takada and Kira. Light contacts Takada and tells her to meet him in room 2501 at the Imperial Hotel, and the Task Force sets up hidden cameras and microphones to record Light and Takada's conversation.

During Light and Takada's meeting, Light, having told Takada that he now works with the NPA, informs Takada that the NPA has no intention of going against Kira. He tells her that, while in University he thought Kira should be brought to justice, that times are changing and he now sees the value of Kira. He tells Takada that he thinks Kira should contact her and tell her what to do, to which she agrees. Takada then departs, but before she goes Light asks to meet with her tomorrow at the same location.

The next day when reporting on Kira, Takada calls out to Kira, asking for him to contact her so that she can better spread his teachings. At their next meeting, Light gets more intimate with Takada, greeting her with a hug. Soon after, Teru Mikami, acting as the new Kira, calls Takada, just as Light has planned. He proves that he is Kira by telling her that, in forty seconds, someone on Sakura TV will die. She checks the TV, and, just as Kira said, someone dies. Mikami asks Takada where she is, and she informs him that she is meeting with an old friend. Mikami asks if this friend was the one who suggested she contact Kira, and when she confirms this, Mikami tells her to speak with him. Talking to Light on Takada's cell phone, Mikami asks Light if he is "God". When Mikami asks for proof, Light says that he knows nothing about five sheets of paper on November 26th (this is a reference to the five pieces of paper Light sent to Teru Mikami on November 26th, on which were written).

Mikami asks Light if he cannot act freely at the moment, and Light replies "No". He asks Light if he is still being watched, and Light replies "Yes", and then says that he is simply a friend of Takada's. Mikami says that from now on, it shall be as Light wishes, and Light writes down on a piece of note-paper that Kira wants Takada's guards to search the room for bugs, so Light must now remove them all beforehand.

Seeing that it cannot be helped, the Task Force shuts off all of the bugs. Light then removes all of the bugs, and Takada accuses Light of lying to her. Light explains that this is not the case, and that he is actually Kira. Picking up the phone again, Light tells Mikami that he is never allowed to ask Takada who he is, to which Mikami agrees. They then discuss how Takada will now deliver Kira's messages, and then hangs up.

Light asks Takada if she understands the situation, and she tells him that she does. Light then tells Takada that she will be his goddess of the New World. Light starts meeting with Takada more often at the hotel, and the two communicate through writing.

Aizawa, suspicious of Light, makes a mark on one of the pieces of paper before the meetings, and when he comes back later and notices that the marked paper is gone, he realizes that Takada and Light have been communicating through notes. He contacts Near and informs him of this, but Near says that this was obvious and that Aizawa is of no help.

Later on, as a distraction, Near has Misa Amane and Kanzo Mogi taken into custody due to Misa being suspected of being the second Kira. When Near later meets up with Light at the Yellow Box Warehouse, Light talks to Misa on the phone, who informs him that she is fine, and has been checked into a suite at the Imperial Hotel.