"The Game Begins" (ゲームの始まり, gēmu no hajimari) is a song in Death Note: The Musical.


After the Lind L. Tailor broadcast, L sings this song about beginning the investigation. During the course of the song, L realizes that Kira is likely a high-school student.

English versionEdit

The song was originally written in English, but an English-language version has not been released. The original English title of the song is "The Game Begins".[1][2]

On September 11, 2017, script-writer Ivan Menchell shared the English lyrics when a fan asked him on Twitter.[3]

English lyrics

Empty your mind of any theories
'Til all the facts are in
Start at the end of all your queries
To learn where things begin

You analyze by learning backwards
Effects reveal their cause
For even perfect crimes have perfect flaws

The calculus of a solution,
While changing, stays the same
The stronger mind and evolution
Determine who wins the game

I poke and prod to find a weakness
Where the bend becomes the break
And make the most of Kira's first mistake

The game begins the same way
I look for patterns on a screen
Connecting bits of data
Until I find out what they mean
The game begins

A kilobyte of information
And soon a corner's turned
Anticipate his adaptation
By using all you've learned

Some little thing, some minor detail
Will draw you in, and then
Another one will draw you out again

The game begins the same way
I look for patterns on a screen
Connecting bits of data
Until I find out what they mean

The game begins the same way
The chase is on, the die is cast
I sift a thousand pixels
Until I chase you down at last...

He's a high school student.

The game begins!

Japanese versionEdit

The Japanese title for the song, "Gēmu no Hajimari" (ゲームの始まり), is a direct translation of the original English title, "The Game Begins."

Japanese lyrics
Musical Korean 2017 L 5

L (Seoul, 2017)

怒りこそ心を 映す鏡だ
理屈など空虚な 言葉遊びさ
お前が振りかざすその理想は 偽りの十字架だ

すべて理解出来たと思い上がり 救世主気取るなら


恐れを投げ捨てた愚か者よ 地獄を見せてやろう

幾千万のデータを操り この世のルール 思い知らせてやる
キワどい勝負 見えない駆け引き
これはゲームだ 賽は投げられた



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