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The unnamed Kira worshiper appears among a group of Kira worshipers in what seems to be a sort of cult.


She has long, light hair and large, light eyes. She is seen wearing a hooded robe worn by many other Kira worshipers. 


A cult of sorts that seems to worship Kira as a deity is seen traveling on a mountain. The unnamed Kira worshiper appears among the cult members, standing directly in the middle of a line of them. She places a lit candle on the ground and prays to Kira, who has been gone for a year at this point, to return.


  • Some readers have thought this girl is Misa Amane, but Tsugumi Ohba confirmed that this was not actually her.[1]
  • Obata had considered not showing her face, but he decided to because he "personally wanted to draw something pretty in the final chapter."[2]


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