This page is for an unnamed extra. For the Shinigami appearing in Death Note Relight, see Unnamed Shinigami.

Has anyone seen Ryuk around lately?

This is a Shinigami who enjoys gossiping with other Shinigami.



The Shinigami in the manga.

The Shinigami has long blond hair, and their nose and wide mouth are similar to those of Ryuk. They have white paint on their face, and their eyes have no pupils. In their neck, they have a human skull wrapped in a scarf. They have a collar around their neck, similar to Gook.


They spend their time chatting and gossiping about other Shinigami, both those who are in the Shinigami Realm and in the Human World.


  • They appeared only once in the anime and manga. They were not seen in any of Ryuk's flashbacks of the Shinigami Realm.