This page is for an unnamed extra. For the Shinigami appearing in Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God, see Unnamed Shinigami.

I hear a human got to it before he did.

This is a Shinigami seen in the Shinigami Realm.


This Shinigami has a humanoid body with a purple human skull for a head (white in the anime) and skin on their arms (yellow in the anime, blue in the full-color manga). They have a black (red in the anime) spade symbol on the side of their skull and wear goggles on their head. They also wear an orange (red in the anime) furry jacket.


They are seen sitting around with Armonia Justin Beyondormason and several other Shinigami discussing Ryuk's whereabouts, mentioning that he might have been serious about losing his Death Note. When another Shinigami mentions they heard Ryuk had two Death Notes, they question why he would even need two.


  • This Shinigami, along with several others, appears in a two-page spread in the manga. An almost identical image is in the first opening of the anime. However, this Shinigami is excluded from it.