Taro Kagami (blanc et noir)

Ryuk and Taro Kagami.

The Story

The story tells about Taro Kagami who is a 13 year old who is picked on at school. He then finds the death note on his way home from school. He is only able to under stand the word note on the cover since he has not learned the word death in his english class. Once he is home he uses the notebook as a diary and writing the names of 2 students that picked on him that day. Then the next day he finds out they died the day before. Now the story continues on and introduces the death eraser which will revive you if you haven't been cremated yet. Now Taro is doing the same thing as Light did in the manga, vowing to rid the world of evil.

My thoughts

The story is very good. It brings concepts that I wish they put into the final story, such as the death eraser and the protagonist being picked on. There are some things that I don't like though, such as L not being in the story (Though it seems like they could continue the story with L being introduced). The story is something I would recommend for a fan to read and if you are trying to get a friend to like death note, then have them read this. I would like to see a short film (about 40 minutes long) on this because it is an amazing story. So all and all I would say is read it and wish that we were getting a spin off but then realize that the story is over and that we are stuck with what we have.

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