• Iam"V"

    MM Case on YouTube

    February 2, 2010 by Iam"V"

    Interesting.....I say so far if you have seen YouTube's video on the Manga Murder case.....there is about thousands of videos posted.....and I have posted one as a tribute to helping the case.....there is some videos that are NOT accurate since most are Poser Kiras and Kira Supporters......I say as a member of solving the case.....we join forces with LwillPrevail and find this Poser Kira....see LwillPrevail's video on Kira's holds some clues....but I say we truly figure this out.....

    Victoria Valentine 15:00, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Iam"V"


    January 30, 2010 by Iam"V"

    i posted....on youtube...The5V...

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  • Iam"V"

    5-V: Ch.1

    January 28, 2010 by Iam"V"

    ~Death Note~ Ch.1 Interest

    L typed on the keyboard looking for answers…he sat in the room by himself as would where ever he went-crouched on his feet. L could hear the silence hum and mock him as he hunched over and got distracted by his police case.

    Tantalize me, eh?’ He thought as they all hovered around him and he could hear the laughs of the mute as they pointed at him with the coldness knowing he was the indifferent loner…

    “I need to take a break and efface these mockeries of myself…” He muttered.

    He got up and all he could hear was the friction of his jeans on the marble floor. He stood still for a moment in where thought became his logic.

    ‘All this time and I haven’t found a single clue or hint of who would kill in a random order of peop…

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  • Iam"V"

    MM Case

    January 21, 2010 by Iam"V"

    Hello everyone here on DN wikia...I wasn't aware of this as you are...maybe you I was told...BB told me...I am very interested in this because it protrays to Death Note....I have read a lot of news articles...mostly all on Anime/Manga sites or fans that had blogged about we of Death Note wikia...I say we further investigate this....give me updates...


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  • Iam"V"

    My Blog space Now....jk....

    January 20, 2010 by Iam"V"

    Just 2 Bug you...I'm wriy=ting here to exasperate -V

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