Original Date made: 1/5/10


The car screeched as it slammed into the concrete brick wall on the highway. A shrill scream came from the backseat as she was thrown out in to the street. The car had crashed as the girl lay on the highway and then the car exploded as the sound of sirens came and then a shadowy figure moved away from the scene of the crime or in HIS case-“accidental death by car crash”.

He had just killed “V” the next successor under “R”…he laughed and then looked from the corner of the last street that Silverado car had turned…about 20 feet away he watched the car explode and heard the fire laugh with him.

His dark wide ruby-red eyes glistened with the kindling flame of life-LIFE of DEATH. He was about to move away with his satisfaction that he killed “V”-#22 of the alphabet... ‘Violet Victoria Viscid Venus Valentine’…The longest name of the Whammy successors…aka the 5 “V” ’s…he knew she was last of the girls in line of the successors to “L” and to “R”…He enjoyed his kill...

‘7 pm crash lasted about twelve minutes long…’ BB thought.

Then as he watched the flames…he saw something…a dark figure about 6 feet away from the car-just in his North West position…a body…?

“NO!” BB shouted. “HOW?!” He shrieked.

Then the cars surrounded the area.

‘Got to move…this is impossible! She should be dead! The crash…it was perfect! Everything…everything…how…? I set enough explosives to kill every living trace of evidence of that crash! I even took the precautions of drugging them!’ BB thought.

Then Beyond Birthday moved through the alleyway swiftly running…

“Soon…I’ll find you again my dear…I’ll find you…I’ll come and kill you “V”…I’ll kill you slowly and we’ll play…yes…” Beyond said agreeing to his plan. “We’ll play this game a little longer…because you’re still mine…my Valentine…my Viola Valentine…what will happen if ripped your heart in two, “V”?”

Then Beyond began to sing.

“You’re still mine my Valentine…my Viola Valentine…”

His song echoed through the alleyway as he ran and he knew that hearts didn’t bleed red when he cut them open…they bled violet to him.

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