Hi everyone :D

I just finished the Anime, and overall it was very engrossing. I hesitated to watch it, but after reading reviews, I decided why not. I have a couple discussion questions and I'm only asking because I'm interested in what others have to say about the topic. :) Maybe I'm a dork too! So please share your thoughts! If I think of more questions they will be added.

My questions will be based on the Anime, not the manga. I haven't read it (yet? ;D).

In addition, there are spoilers... I guess? So don't discuss if you don't want spoilers.

1. The last episode (37) ended with a scene of the moon. What does the moon symbolize and why end with such a scene? Would it have been more fitting to end the series minutes earlier where Light was lying on the steps and his eyes close?

2. Interpret the final moments of Light's life. Him struggling up the steps, what does this symbolize? Why did the creators have Light go up the steps only so far (aside from him weak from the gun shots, dig deeper, fans!)

3. Did Light's relations with the police mostly help or hinder him? In other words, would Light have "achieved" as much as he did if he wasn't the son of a policeman? What if Light was the exact same person, but instead his dad was a writer or something?

There are no right or wrong answers.

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